my skin saviors

This is the first no makeup, non-edited picture I
have taken/posted I don't even know how long

bye-bye pageantland

It has been one month since I said my farewells
and took my last walk as a pageant queen

five podcasts you need to listen to

So lets talk about podcasts

Used to, when I would hear the word I thought of a modern version 
of the political radio shows my father used to listen to in the car - no fun

While there are many podcasts like that there are also some seriously
entertaining and inspiring podcasts that I truly enjoy listening to

I discovered this because one of my favorite women in the
whole world, Sadie Robertson, came out with one a little over a month ago

So I wanted to talk about podcasts because they are my new "thing" I 
enjoy when I need some me time

Book Review: August-September

Happy Friday!
I have read so many good books lately and I am so excited to share my favorites
All of them are linked at the end of this post

fall faves

So I am definitely no fashionista...
I don't follow the new trends that come with each season

But fall is my favorite season, 
especially when it comes to the clothes
and it is in full swing here in Germany!

So I wanted to post a few of my favorite new
 fall pieces from my favorite boutique