Self-love is a huge trend right now 

In fact it has even become a movement about 
putting your happiness and well-being first

like many things, how you take this is up for interpretation
and you can go about this in several different ways

my journey to being more self-loving has been about bettering
myself as a person, both physically and mentally

here are some of the steps i have implemented in my life for the bettering of myself

attention all animal lovers

Currently I am channeling some serious Elle Woods vibes

Wine Festival 2018

I got to Germany at the perfect time, right at the beginning of Festival Season!

The first weekend I was here we went to Pig Fest but I was so overwhelmed with 
the excitement of being in a new country I hardly took any pictures. (plus it was all
about hot dogs or "bratwurst"...yuck) - still fun though

But this past weekend there was a WINE FESTIVAL
and in my opinion there could be no better festival
I have been so excited about this!

for starters

Hey world!

So, most of you kept up with my other blog and for that I am so thankful!
I have so many loving friends ❤

As many of you know I am recovering from a recent life tragedy but i am finally 
adjusting to my "new normal", and i can truly say i am happy! 

I just love to write and i have so much going on that i want to share

So here i am starting my new blog!!