Travel Recap: Innsbruck, Austria

I am sure you have seen this picture before (and not just on my IG)

The iconic photo of the ever colorful houses, on the 
river, with a gorgeous mountain scape running behind them

That picture is literally the postcard for Innsbruck, Austria -
where I got to spend this past three day weekend!

Innsbruck is a picture perfect town!
Filled with beautiful architecture, quaint cafes, and 
completely surrounded by the Alps

The town has a vast history and most definitely
no shortage of things to do

I went with Alec and our friends Justin and Ashley
& while the boys spent the entire weekend snowboarding,
Ashley and I took to the town, doing our best to cover as
much ground as we could in just two days

Of course we were in the Alps so there are
several places around to go skiing and snowboarding

But we stuck to the sight seeing aspects of the area

Our first stop was Swarovski Kristallwelten
This is a museum created to honor the beloved
Swarovski company & it is just stunning
You enter the museum through "The Giant" and 
are free to explore room after room of modern,
interactive art within as well as beautiful creations
made of Swarovski Crystals

Cinderella's Glass Slipper is actaully Swarovski!
On the grounds is a garden with dozens of Swarvoski clouds floating above

Next we went to the very top of the Bergisel Olympic
ski jump where we got to see a beautiful view of the town
and enjoy some sweets is a cafe over looking the mountains

I must say, day two was my favorite!

It started with an amazing breakfast
and then we were off for more sight seeing!

Our first stop was the iconic photo spot that I have been 
raving about - the colorful houses!

We also walked through several historical palaces and churches,
most of which we were sadly not allowed to take pictures of 

We also took a "mountain subway" and a trolley up to catch this
stunning view of Innsbruck and the mountains
(view another picture of this view on my IG)

we finished day two off with some more sweets which included
some of the best macaroons I have ever had!

We also ate at an amazing restaurant called Vapiano's
which is basically like a Japanese hibachi restaurant but for
Italian food and it was so good, that we ate there twice

I don't think I can express enough just how giddy
and happy I was throughout this whole trip!

This was one huge check off my life-time bucket list

I feel like this is a place in Europe that is absolutely not
talked about enough and if you ever get the chance - GO!

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  1. This place looks absolutely beautiful! I'm not a fan of cold weather or snow but you may have just convinced me to add this to my must see list. Great read!!
    xo b