New Years Ski Trip

Happy 2019, y'all!

I am so stinkin excited to be in this new year

For New Years, Alec and I took a trip with
some of our good friends to a small ski town
about six hours from where we live

It was the perfect, ideal little town
and I fell in love with the place instantly!
Every where you turned there was the most
beautiful view of the mountains

It was full of little shops and cafes - which is where
Ashley & I spent most of our time while the
boys were on the slopes. ;)

We decided there was only so much time we could spend
over-bundled and being shown up by five year olds...
y'all, these kids were literally out here doing some 
Olympic stuff on the bunny slopes

We also tried to go on a hike to this beautiful gorge
that this town is known for...

So we park our car, bundle up, and start on the
45 minute hike to get to the beginning of the hour long
hike that is the Partnach Gorge

We get there - AND ITS CLOSED 

They had it gated off because it was too icy to hike

Y'all let me tell you we were so. bummed.
but we still made the best of it & had so much fun

One of my favorite parts was the morning view from 
the quaint little "Gastehaus" Alec and I stayed in (below)

It was the perfect way to bring in the New Year!

what did you do to bring in this New Year?

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