what im doing to improve the way i live in 2019

I know how cliche and redundant this may seem

"New Year, New Me" 

we hear it every. year. 

but that's not what I am here to talk about

I am not here to talk about a "resolution" to 
change the person I am

because I have gone through hell and back to get
to where I am today, and boy have I come a long way

I experienced way too much of the bad
stuff in life this past year and sadly
it overshadowed most of the good in my life

I did things that were seriously out of my character

I made excuses for why I wasn't doing things
that I had always done: workout, read, study, clean
(probably too much)

So this year I have an overall goal
(i like the word goal better)

 focus on all the
good - the big things and the little things

be more myself 

& to simply improve certain aspects of
my overall physical and mental health

But not for the show of it, not for everyone else
and not just for the first month of the year

but for me. to make myself proud.
and to continuously do so.

I decided on five daily rules to implement
that will help me accomplish these goals

I have posted them everywhere so that I  am constantly
 reminded of this goal I want to accomplish

my five daily rules are:
1. wake up early
2. show gratitude
3. exercise
4. read
5. work harder today than
you did yesterday

I know these seem almost too simple

like..."duh, i always do this"

but they are things we sometimes overlook
because we think they should be so common

but I like this set of rules because they 
line up with the things I enjoy doing anyways

& they help me stay focused and driven

all while being myself

I truly don't think I have ever been more
excited to start a new year

I am beyond ready to see what
2019 has in store for me!

How do you feel about the new year?

Did you make a resolution or
set any goals?

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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